How Does The Combimate Work?

combimateCombimate is directly installed on the cold water supply to your house or appliance to protect the hot water system.
It is a polyphosphate scale inhibitor.

How it Works...

It works by the mains water flowing through the Combimate and coming into contact with the Combiphos bubbles inside the plastic dome. The Combiphos contains phosphate which coats the inside of the pipes throughout the houses pipework, boiler heat exchange and appliances. The coating contains a non-residual, microscopic, protective coating which prevents scale-causing minerals from settling. It also stops aggressive soft water from corroding the system and appliances.

This then protects the house from limescale whilst keeping the natural minerals ans health benefits that is found in hard water.

Combimate ensures the all incoming water flowing though the unit comes into contact with the Combiphos. This makes sure there is a consistent level of phosphate is being transferred through the pipes.

It is also user friendly; shut-off valves automatically stop the water flow when the cover is removed. The Combiphos can be refilled through a simple screw-fit cap.






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