Installation and Maintenance

The Combimate is easy to install and easy to maintain!

When installing and maintaining the the Combimate, no special tools or professional assistance is required. Both can be carried out by any competent individual that has some basic plumbing skills.

How do i fit the Combimate?

The Combimate is only small and doesn't require much space. It is roughly the same size as a teapot. It can be installed basically anywhere on a houses cold water supply 15mm or 22mm pipework.

There are two options the Combimate offers protection. The whole hot water system or just a single appliance. The images below show two examples of this:

Single Appliance Protection

combimate installation

Whole House Protection

combimate installation

The Combimate is an inline scale inhibitor which can be fitted to most pipework configurations. In addition, below are diagrams of the possible configurations of the Combimate.


combimate installation


combimate installation

Above and Below

combimate installation

Incorrect installation

Combimate installation

Fitting the Combimate is easy, the only plmbing requires is to route and connect two pipes. Plus fixing the unit to the wall. This can be done in less than an hour.


Installation Video

Maintaining the Combimate

The Combimate requires no maintenance other than the annual refill of Combiphos crystals. Refilling the Combiphos is simple - Press the two buttons on the sides of the cover and the Combimate is accessible to refill. When these buttons are pressed, the automatic shut off valve stops the supply of water whilst refilling.

the Combiphos is replaced through the filler plug at the top of the unit. When the cover is replaced the water supply will automatically turn back on. 




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