What is Limescale?

limescale                            limescale                                limescale

Many people come across limescale. If you've ever looked inside your kettle chances are you've probably spotted a chalky, off-white crust at the bottom of it. This is limescale and it is caused  by evaporated hard water. Hard water contains a higher than average amount of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. Consequently, these minerals are what leaves the chalky residue.

What is Hard Water..?

Standard rainwater is naturally soft which means it contains hardly any impurities. It's journey depends on whether it stays this way. If the water runs over hard rocks like slate or granite it will remain soft. However if the water runs over soft, spongy rocks like chalk or limestone it will absorb minerals from them and this is when the water becomes hard. Limescale can be found inside your water pipes, on the heating elements of a boiler and can sometimes block the pipes. The two most common problem areas in the home are:

bathroom- Toilet -

- Taps -

- Sink -

- Shower -

- Pipes -

kitchen- Kettle -

- Washing Machines -

- Dishwashers -

- Taps -

- Boiler -



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