Technical Information

What Combiphos Does to the water...

When water passes through the Combimate unit it comes into contact with the Combiphos Crystals.

The calcium within the water attracts the phosphate within the crystals. Consequently, the minerals are kept in suspension as the water flows through the system. This then prevents the calcium settling on hot surfaces and leaving a deposit of limescale.

Combiphos also coats the inside of the pipework, boiler heat exchanger and appliances with a non-residual, microscopic, protective coating. This then prevents scale-causing minerals from accumulating and aggressive soft water from corroding the system and appliances. The Combiphos does not soften the water but keeps the health benefits of the minerals contained in the hard water.


Pipes without Combiphos                 -              Pipes with Combiphos


Is ComBiphos safe?

Yes! Classed as a 'food grade' additive, Combiphos meets the European Standards EN1208 and World Health Organisation standards. Installing a Combimate straight onto cold water mains means you can safely drink or wash in the water supplied. It is also safe for babies, pets, tropical fish and skin conditions to be in contact with.


cropped-favincon.pngCan i taste it..?


There is no taste to Combiphos at all.

 cropped-favincon.pngDoes it smell..?


There is no smell to Combiphos.

cropped-favincon.pngWill it discolour my clothes..?


Combiphos has no effect on fabrics.



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