Why is it a Problem?

Hard water isn't always a problem but when it comes to households it can have unpleasant side effects. For example, it can be hard to wash in as soap doesn't lather up as well and can also leave scum on surfaces. Cleaning can also become difficult as some detergents become less effective, consequently clothes end up looking dirty after being washed and dishes and glasses can become dull over time.

As well as all of the problems on the surface, limescale builds up in places you can't see. Past 55°C the minerals in hard water solidify when evaporated causing problems with your heating system and appliances. On average, hard water contains 300mg of dissolved minerals per litre. Therefore a four person household can obtain up to 70kg of limescale a year. If left unchecked it can clog up pipes and boiler heat exchanges, resulting in reducing the heating efficiency, decreased water pressure and flow rates. This will increase the houses demand or energy, leading to higher energy bills and maintenance.

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cropped-favincon.pngBritish Water say...

Even a 1.6mm coating of limescale on a heating element can decrease its effectiveness by 12%.

cropped-favincon.pngWhat Does This Mean..?

This could as a result cause you to waste up to £200 worth of energy a year and doing nothing is the most expensive option.

cropped-favincon.pngHard Water in your Area...

Around 60% of the UK lies within a hard water area. this area in mainly located in the south east of England. To see if your home resides in a hard water area, see our area map Here.




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